Using Google Maps in incognito mode - Instructions

 Google Maps offers you an incognito mode, where search queries and routes are not shown in the history. This can be useful under certain circumstances, especially if third parties have access to the smartphone.


How to activate the incognito mode on your smartphone for Google Maps is explained in this article:

Do not save search queries and routes in Google Maps history

1.            Open the navigation app "Google Maps".

2.            Go to your profile picture in the top right corner or first letter of your first name

3.            A menu opens. Select "Activate incognito mode".

The incognito mode is now active and has the following advantages for the user:

Features of the Google Maps Incognito mode

1.            No browser or search history information is stored in your account, and no notifications are sent

2.            Your location history or shared location is not updated

3.            No activities are used to personalize maps

Now you know the Google Maps function "incognito mode" and how to hide your activities in the navigation app.

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