Using Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S9 Multi Window - Instructions

 Multi Tasking on the Smartphone is useful for some tasks and so it is good to know how to use the Multi Windows feature on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. However, this feature is a bit hidden, so we will explain here where to find it in Android.

On the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 or S9, the multi-window feature was integrated in two versions. 


We will explain the two different possibilities to you:

1. split screen - split screen

The Split Screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 or S9 is a well-known version of the Multi Window feature. With this feature you can now show one app at the top of the screen and another app at the bottom of the screen.

To use this function please proceed as follows:

Tap the left soft key of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 or S9 once. In the application window (Task Manager) you will now see all the apps you have opened recently. Each app is a map with the app icon in the middle.

Tap the icon to display a small menu. Now select here:

  • Open in split screen off

Only a small part of the app is displayed at the top. Now open the second app that should be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Once you have opened it, the ratio will be 50/50.

Now you have activated the Multi-Windows function.

2nd Pop-Up View

This function is also started from the Task Manager. Press the left soft key of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 or S9 once again. You will now see a list of the apps you have used recently.

Now tap the app icon again and select:

  • Pop-Up View

A window is displayed on the home screen, which can now be moved. You can now use this multi window variant to have more app windows on the display of your Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 or S9 at the same time on the screen.

You now know how to use the multi window function on the new Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 or S9 and where to find the "Pop-Up" version.


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