Using Xiaomi QR Code Scanner - How it works

QR Codes or Barcodes can be found on almost every corner today. In advertisements, magazines, restaurants, etc. So you can quickly and easily transfer small amounts of text data, such as contact details or website addresses. But also W-Lan Hotspot addresses can be scanned by QR Code.


If you want to scan such a QR Code with your Xiaomi smartphone, you are now asking yourself where it is integrated on the smartphone.

In this tutorial we want to explain briefly where the QR Code Scanner can be found on a Xiaomi smartphone.

How to open and use the QR Code Scanner on your Xiaomi Smartphone - Instructions

The scanner was integrated into the camera app by the software development team. So you only have to take a picture of the QR Code with the camera to scan it and display the information from it.

As soon as the code is recognized in the live screen, the information contained in it is displayed. Here again the exact procedure:

1. open the camera app on your Xiaomi smartphone

2. scan the QR Code with the live image viewfinder

The info from the QR Code is now shown on the display.

Test QR Code:

So now you know how to scan QR Codes with your Xiaomi smartphone and read their contents easily.


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