Watch YouTube in 4K on iPhone and iPad -How to

If you would like to watch a video on YouTube with a maximum resolution of 4K, on an iPhone or iPad you have to set this setting via the app. The advantage of 4K is clearly that the higher pixel resolution optimizes the clarity of the visual content.


The color tone and the overall presentation of the YouTube video will be razor sharp. If you want to set this setting on your iPhone or iPad, we will explain here where you can find the setting for this:


These steps only work for the YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. They do not work via the Safari browser.

Enable the 4K Video option in the YouTube app

Switching to 4K resolution on supported iPhone or iPad models is very easy. The prerequisite is of course that the video content is available in 4K.

1. open the 4K video on YouTube

2. tap the 3-point button in the upper right corner

3. then tap on quality.

4. you should now see different resolution options.

Now select "1440p HDR" or "2160p HDR" depending on what is offered.

The 1440p HDR resolution shows you visual content in Quad HD and 2160p HDR shows you videos in Ultra HD on the iPhone. (Provided your smartphone supports the resolution)

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