What does the blue dot on YouTube mean? Solved!

YouTube offers its users a huge variety of videos for streaming. If you've been using YouTube for a while, whether through the app or a browser, you may have noticed a blue dot on some videos.


Here you will now ask yourself the question: What does the blue dot on YouTube mean?

In this article we want to go into more detail about the function of the blue dot and what information it gives you.

When is the blue dot displayed in Youtube?

The blue dot on Youtube is often displayed next to subscriptions and means that new content is available from that particular Video Creator. Mostly a new video has been uploaded recently, which you have not seen yet. It is also possible that the dot indicates that the channel in question has recently created a post in the community or started a livestream.

Why do I see a blue dot when there is no new content?

There can be several reasons why you see a blue dot in Youtube but no new content. If you see a blue dot but no new video, try to search for new live streams or community posts of the creator.

Even an incompletely uploaded or withdrawn video can cause you to see a blue dot. However, this case occurs rather rarely.

Youtube partly shows you a cached preview of the channel. Here you should check if a more recent version is available. Just refresh the page in your browser with CTRL+F5

How to remove a blue dot on YouTube?

Since this is a notification, you must view or check the notification to make the blue dot disappear.

Open the YouTube application on your mobile device and find the subscribed channel in your list that has a blue dot.

Now tap it to open it. This will remove the blue dot.

You now know the meaning of the blue dot on Youtube and how to hide it.


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