What does the green dot on my iPhone mean?

Starting with iOS 14, Apple has integrated some new features and security functions on its iPhones. By means of colored dots, users are informed whether a certain hardware is in use by an app.


The practical thing is that even if the app is running in the background, this is indicated by a colored dot on the display.

In addition to the orange dot indicating that the microphone is in use, there is also a green dot.

You can find out when the green dot is displayed on the iPhone from iOS 14 on in our following guide.

What does the green dot mean from iOS 14 on?

Whenever an application on an iPhone running iOS 14 or higher uses your iPhone camera, you will see the green dot at the top. This applies to all types of applications.

The dot is visibly displayed directly at the top of the network and WiFi icon. Usually the user will notice it when the camera or Face Time is used.

When should you pay closer attention to the green dot?

If at any time you are not using an application that requires the camera, but you still see the green dot, then an application in the background is undoubtedly using your device's camera without your knowledge.

This is the worst case scenario, because then this app may be infected with malware and should be removed from your smartphone as soon as possible.

Green and orange dot - possible at the same time?

Even if you see the green light, this does not mean that only the camera is used by an app. The green light of the dot indicates that the camera and the microphone can be accessed simultaneously. If it is only the microphone that is used, you will only see the orange dot.

How do I see which app is currently accessing my camera?

After you see the green light, the app that is or was responsible for the use of the camera is displayed in the control center after a short time.

You can then check the application and decide if you want to uninstall it.

You now know what the green dot on the iPhone from iOS 14 on is all about and how to deal with it when it is displayed.


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