What does the orange dot in iOS 14 mean?

Apple is constantly striving to integrate new features and optimizations into the iOS operating system. Starting with iOS 14 there are different color dots, which have a different meaning depending on the color.


So if you see an orange dot at the top of the iPhone's display, you will definitely want to know what it is.

This is the meaning of the orange dot on the display of the iPhone

The orange dot is to optimize data protection. So from now on, when an app on our iPhone uses the microphone, a small orange dot will always appear in the upper right corner of the display above the network icon.

In this way, the user can always tell visually whether his voice is being recorded or not.

What is the background for the implementation of the orange dot?

Apple is thus reacting to the concern of users who assume that they are being bugged in the background. In the past, there have been cases where apps have been accused of using the camera or microphone without the user's knowledge.

By means of the orange dot this should now be transparently displayed to the user on the iPhone.

For which apps is the orange dot displayed?

The orange dot is displayed with every app, no matter if it is an app from the App Store or a system app like Siri. This means that from now on you will always know exactly when the microphone of your iPhone is in use.

Prevent recording by the microphone when the orange dot is displayed

A short time later, after the orange dot is displayed, you can drag down the Control Center and see an orange icon with the microphone on it. The name of the app that accesses it is displayed next to it.

If you do not know the app or if you have installed it recently, we recommend that you uninstall it.

So you know the meaning of the orange dot on your iPhone from iOS 14 on.


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