What is Wipe Cache Partition - Resolved

A frequently used solution for problems and errors on an Android smartphone is to delete the "cache partition". For users who are not so familiar with programming, this is of course a question that arises:


What does "Wipe Cache Partition" mean?

Here we would like to inform you about this special partition of an Android smartphone.

Quick explanation for the Cache Partition:

The system cache partition stores temporary system data. It should enable the system to access applications faster and more efficiently.

Detailed explanation of the cache partition:

When the smartphone is started, the Dalvik Virtual Machine looks at all applications and frameworks and creates a tree of dependencies that is stored in the Dalvik cache. This allows applications to run in an optimised state.

Every time an app is installed, Odex files are created, which consist of optimised Dex files. These are cached in the /data/dalvik-cache directory, so that the optimization process does not have to be performed every time an application is loaded.

Summary: What is the cache partition useful for in an Android smartphone?

The cache accelerates the Android operating system and thus optimizes the battery consumption.

Why should the cache be emptied using a "Wipe Cache Partition"?

Inside the cache the created data becomes confusing and outdated over time. This leads to performance problems and in the worst case to the smartphone getting hot and/or losing battery power.

Thus, it is usually advisable after a firmware update that the "Wipe Cache Partition" is performed, as this is where most of the cache malfunctions occur, which can lead to errors or problems.

What happens when the cache partition is deleted?

Now the user asks himself the legitimate question: What is the point of deleting the cache?

The positive thing about this method: The Wipe Cache Partition does not lead to the loss of personal data or settings.

If you delete the cache, the tree of dependencies and optimizations of the individual apps is executed and rebuilt at the next restart.

How is the Wipe Cache Partition executed on my Smartphone?

In the following list you will find a suitable instruction for each Smartphone

- Instructions for the Wipe Cache Partition

You are now familiar with the Wipe Cache Partition and know how it is done.

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