WhatsApp Web storage location for images and video on PC

If you use WhatsApp Web on your PC in combination with your smartphone, you'll want to know where pictures and videos you received are stored. You won't find them in the Windows download folder.


That's why we'd like to give you a brief description of how it works with images, videos, and documents received via WhatsApp Web.

Storage location for WhatsApp Web files

Because WhatsApp Web runs from the browser, images and other received files are not stored in a folder, but are kept in the browser cache. However, these files are to be stored in an encrypted form so that they cannot be accessed.

Accordingly, unlike on a smartphone, pictures and videos are not stored in the local directory of the computer.

If you now want to download an image, this only works with the function "Right click - Save As".

The images are then stored in the download folder "Downloads" on a Windows PC.

Now you know that images, videos and documents are not stored with the WhatsApp Web variant, but must be actively downloaded via the browser.


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