Windows 10 Cancel repair if in infinite loop

The automatic repair in Windows 10 helps you if the operating system cannot be started correctly and errors occur. In many cases, problems can be solved without much user intervention.


The automatic repair becomes active if your computer fails to start twice in a row. On the third startup, the self-repair mechanism is then triggered under Win 10.

The system performs a series of diagnostic tests to identify and resolve common startup problems. It can now happen that the automatic repair gets stuck in an endless loop.

If this happens, you should deactivate the function. We explain here how to do this exactly:

Disable automatic repair under Windows 10

1. enter "CMD" in the search box in the lower left corner to search for the command prompt

2. right-click on the top result and select "Run as administrator".

3. type the following command and press the Enter key

  • bcdedit /set recoveryenabled NO

With the value "NO" the automatic repair is deactivated.

Once you have completed this step, the diagnostic and repair function will no longer run automatically after the third unsuccessful start of your device.

Enable automatic repair under Windows 10

If you want to reactivate the automatic repair, you only have to switch it on again with the following command:

  • bcdedit /set recoveryenabled YES

Now you know how to disable the automatic repair under Windows 10, which is automatically activated after a second false start of the operating system.


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