Windows 10 How to activate system sound? Instruction

Windows 10 system sounds alert you to pop-ups, notifications, and other background activity within the system.

The system sound is automatically loaded when Windows starts and runs in the background.


In some cases, however, the default sound setting may change with some manual intervention or automatic software changes, so that you suddenly hear no system sound in Windows 10.

That's why we would like to explain how you can restore the Windows 10 default settings relatively easily and quickly.

Activating the system sound under Windows 10

1. enter "Sound" in the lower left corner of the Windows 10 search bar

Select "Sound Settings".

3. go to "Advanced sound options" on "App volume and device settings

4. use the slider at "System sounds" to adjust them. (See our ScreenShot)

This should allow you to hear all system sounds under Windows 10 again.


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