Windows 10 Invert colors - Set negative

In Windows 10 there is the possibility to invert the displayed colors. You then have a color image like a negative.


If you want to create or deactivate such a color representation on your PC, you can define this graphic setting as follows.

Invert colors? How it works in Windows 10

1. open the Windows 10 settings.

Now select "Facilitated operation".

3. go to "Color filter" and activate it.

Set the marker to "Inverted".

You will now see the colors of Windows 10 inverted, i.e. in negative color palette. For many users this display is also more comfortable to read, so it might be useful to invert the colors.

Colors inverted, but setting inactive?

Often a faulty or old driver can cause Windows 10 to display the graphics negatively. In this case we recommend you to install the latest version of the driver.

Now you know the procedure to invert colors in Windows 10.


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