Windows 10 Mail attachments cannot be downloaded - solved

If you want to download e-mail attachments on your Windows 10 computer, it may not be possible. Instead of the file size, the attachment will have "Error while downloading" under the attachment name.


Or maybe the attachment is not displayed at all, although it must be 100% present.

This is of course not optimal and so we want to help you with this tip to solve the problem with attachments in e-mails under Windows 10.

Anti virus program as the cause of missing email attachments

In most cases, the cause is due to an antivirus program, for example Norton or Avira Antivir. Disable the antivirus program as a test and check whether Windows 10 Mail can then download the attachments cleanly without error message.

If this is the case, check the settings of your antivirus program regarding the Windows 10 Mail App. Alternatively, use another antivirus program.

Unfortunately it is known that Windows 10 Mail in connection with virus programs gets errors when downloading attachments.

Attachments cannot be opened

It is also possible that attachments are not opened. This is often simply a wrong assignment of the standard program. To change or adapt this, proceed as follows:

1.            Open the Control Panel.

2.            Then select "Programs" and then "Standard Programs".

3.            Continue to "Set file associations

4.            Here you should now determine a file allocation for various file formats, where the mail program has problems. For example for PDF files the "Adobe Acrobat Reader".

This should now allow you to open attachments in Windows 10 Mail that previously caused problems.


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