Windows file cannot be opened or renamed (name is too long)

In Windows, a strange error message may occur where the following error appears on the screen when opening or renaming a file: "Name is too long".


If this type of error occurs on your Windows computer, you should use the following workaround to resolve the error:

Files and folder names too long - use Longpathtool

If you are confronted with a folder or file that has a file name that is too long, you should use the "Longpathtool" tool, which can easily change such long names. Error messages like folder name too long, file name too long, path too deep, destination path too long, error 1320 the specified path is too long and many more can be fixed with this tool.

Download the tool to your computer from the following website:

  • Download Longpathtool

Run the software and select the file or folder whose name is too long.

Go to "Rename" to rename the file name or folder that is too long.


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