X Write symbol for mean value - How to do it

 Particularly with study or term papers one needs more often a mean value for a number series. If you want to express the mean value by a symbol, a small x with a horizontal line above it is used.


If you want to write this mean value symbol, you will inevitably ask the question how to proceed best:

We have written two variants here to show you how to create the symbol for the mean value.

Variant 1: Copy and paste symbol for mean value

The easiest way to use the symbol only once is to simply copy it afterwards:

After copying, simply paste the symbol where you need it in the text.

Variant 2: Write mean value symbol yourself

1.            Open Word on your device.

2.            Navigates to "File" and then to "Options".

3.            Selects "Document Check" and then "Auto Correct".

4.            Switches to the tab "Math. autocorrection".

5.            Check the box "Use autocorrection rules of mathematics in other than mathematical areas".

6.            You can now create the symbol for the mean value by entering the following code: "x\bar".

This will now also write the sign for the mean value.

You now know two ways to write the symbol for the mean value, a small x with a dash across it.


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