Zoom microphone from iPhone does not work - Tips

 In this blog post you will learn what to do if the microphone of your smartphone does not work during videoconferences on Zoom and you cannot join the meeting by voice.

This may be caused by a problem with the application or by a firmware error of the smartphone.


However, it is also possible that it is a hardware problem, depending on how it occurred.

Restart your iPhone

Perform a soft reset to update the memory and reload all services.

1. Quickly press and release the Volume up and Volume down buttons.

2. press and hold the Power key immediately after releasing the latter key This will shut down the iPhone and turn it on again.

3. When the Apple logo appears, release the Power key and wait until the reboot of the device is complete.

After restarting, restart the Zoom application and check if the problem is solved.

Check the permissions of the Zoom app on your iPhone

If the first solution does not solve the problem with the microphone in Zoom, the next step is to make sure that the app is allowed to use the microphone. Under iOS this is done as follows:

1. Tap Settings in the home screen.

2. scroll all the way down to find the Zoom app

3. select the app.

Now tap the buttons next to Microphone and Camera to activate them.

In most cases and based on the testimonials of users who were able to solve the problem, these two solutions are sufficient to get the Zoom App working again.

Uninstall Zoom from iPhone - Perform a new installation

You can also try uninstalling Zoom from your iPhone to remove any files that may have been damaged. You can then perform a fresh installation.

To uninstall, navigate to the screen where the zoom app is located.  Tap and hold the icon until the options are displayed. Tap on Delete Application.  Confirm that you want to remove the app by tapping Delete.

Once the app has been successfully removed, go back to the Home screen and launch the App Store.

Search for Zoom and tap the Install icon.

Afterwards the Zoom App, especially the microphone, should work properly again.

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